Post Op Shoes and CAM Walkers – Metatarsal Fracture – Treatment Options That Can Help

Do you currently have a broken bone in your foot?

Maybe a patient of yours has a broken bone and you are wondering how you can help them?

1.) Introduction

Fractures in the foot can alter a patient’s gait. Yes, it is probably more painful as well. Now the question is, what do you do? Walking becomes a real challenge with a broken bone in your foot. You know the best thing would probably be to stay off the foot until the pain goes away and the foot heals. Let’s be realistic. How often can any of us stay off our feet to the point where a foot fracture will fully heal?

Due to our need to walk around, the use of post op shoes and CAM walkers have served patients in a supportive way. This article will discuss the use of these devices to help people understand what is available for foot fractures.

2.) Metatarsal Fractures

Metatarsal fractures can occur at anytime unfortunately. They can be the result of an accident when walking, or maybe something fell on your foot, breaking one of the metatarsals that are present there. As a result, this kind of fracture can be aggravated if it is constantly moving around. – Constant movement naturally happens in our foot as we walk. This happens to allow us a more fluid gait pattern. To illustrate our point, next time you are walking take a step forward without letting your back foot come off the ground. You will see that your heel will come off the ground first, followed then by your toes coming off the ground. As a result, you will see your foot naturally hinge and you can see why walking in a normal shoe might not help a fracture heal.

3.) Treatment Options – Post Op Shoes & CAM Walkers For Support

Hard soled shoes, known as post op shoes can be extremely helpful when someone has a fracture in their foot. These shoes will actively eliminate someones hinge mechanism in their foot as the walk along. In this way, your foot will stay more straight, creating an environment in which a fracture can heal more readily. The same is true for CAM walkers. The difference here though is that there is a rocker bottom attached to the plantar surface of the CAM walker and it comes higher up the leg.

Note: This is health information. For medical advice on bracing and post op shoes, it is best to work with your local, licensed orthotist for medical advice on the subject.

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