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  • Lloris is only 3rd because your Tottenham fans. For me he’s the worst out of the 6

  • As a spurs fan. Lloris should be 8th in the league. Schmiecal, Martinez, Pope, Mendy have been better than him by far!

  • interesting points That I have never thought about. Wish the channel getting better and better

  • If we didn’t lose the 13 points we would be 2nd

  • Give some time for Jose. We sack him, the team has to go through this phase all over again for god knows how long..

  • Walker ahead of Cancelo??? Stop smoking before videos pls 😅

  • Lloris is 6!!! The amount of goals he has conceded by bad kicking and poor decision making and mistakes are way too much. Stop sugarcoating our shit keeper!!!!!

  • Where is Laporte? Laporte instead of Johnny evans

  • Ben 😂🤣 roasting Arsenal. Love it.

  • How to do you feel about murino?

  • For me:
    GK: Alisson, Ederson, Lloris, De Gea, Schmeical, Mendy
    RB: Walker, James, TAA, Wan-Bissaka, Castagne, Aurier
    LB: Robertson, Shaw, Cancelo, Reguilon, Justin, Chilwell
    CBs: City, Chelsea, Leicester, Utd, (Liverpool and Tottenham are equally shit)

  • "Who is the one from Brazil ? Is it Allison or éderson" 💀💀💀😂😂

  • When every team has their defence fully fit
    6th tottenham
    5th Leicester
    4th Manchester United
    3rd Chelsea
    2nd Liverpool
    1st Manchester City (difficult call between Liverpool and City)

    Without a doubt we have the worst defence so it shows we need big investment this summer

  • Levy out. Spends no money to improve the club

  • Eric Dier reckons he wants his ashes scattered on the pitch at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium (Mirror Newspaper) LOL. I reckon Beachy Head, Eastbourne would be better given the suicidal Dier performances. Eric Dier is a jinx!

  • Jose got Spurs 4th least conceded goals in the league with the low quality in the backend we had this year. Imagine if we actually had quality defenders. Table would look a lot different i think. (This isnt to excuse Jose's poor choices this year as well. Just making an observation)

  • The Tottenham defence is Dierbolical!

  • The Spurs defence is fecking RANK BAD!

  • Lloris is the worst defender among top 6. May be Schiemecl joint worst.

  • No way has Robertson been better than shaw this season even most Liverpool fans I know recognise that

  • Recently Ederson has actually been preferred to Alisson for Brazil, not sure if that's a long term change but for now I think he's their number one. I think Alisson has been better but based on this season alone I think Ederson, although it's a lot nicer being in front of City's defence than Liverpool's right now.

  • No way Reece James is better than Kyle walker.

  • A bit confused are we boys? We should be playing Villareal today and dreaming of knocking out Utd or Arsenal. Unforgivable!!!

  • While on the subject, I fully understand why Jose sees Tanganga as a RB. We already have a serious problem of 'short' centre-backs and centre backs who can't compete aerially with premier league 'giants'. We have struggled a lot on defending set pieces and direct long balls/crosses, especially when oppositions go route 1 late in games. The likes of Benteke/Carol/Wood, etc. always have joy against us. We don't need any more 'short' centre backs, but we should be looking to bring in more height. Tanganga would contribute to our aerial power as a RB, playing with even taller centre backs. Besides, even as a centre-back he is still around 4th or lower in our pecking order. He isn't anything special there.

  • Who are you guys playing in the quarters today?

  • CARRREEFREEE. wherever u may be. WE ARE FAMOUS CFC💙💙💙💙💙. london is blue. semis we go

  • Change our entire defence and we’d still have to watch utterly turgid football with us getting dominated by teams like Newcastle every week should JM remain in charge.

  • Noticeable absence of arsenal 😳😂😭

  • Overall we need tobget rid of 2 cbs, one of the rbs and sign some quality defenders. I know we've been annoyingly linked with vestegaard and what not but i really feel him and an elite defender like diego carlos, botman or skriniar could make our defense top 4 quality. Also i feel we should try and sign max Aarons from norwich as i feel our current rbs aren't quite cutting it

  • We need a revamp at Tottenham hotspurs . Give Bale back to Real Madrid and also sell Kane and Son. Generate cash to buy Sterling and Fund the staff who we let go. I’ve been to Tottenham training ground it is a mess the cleaners are upset so they not cleaning the toilets and there is lots of Skid marks on the toilets. I asked Cleaners why this was? They told me they all going to be let go soon so they don’t care. Also the food in the canteen has gone down hill the pasta and sandwiches are under par. Tottenham needs to treat their staff right money needs to go into the staff in the back. You lots only care about what’s on the pitch but what about behind the scenes . There are toilets that aren’t being cleaned and salads that are nasty coz the staff are upset with their pay and know they going to be let go. Think about it. These players if they love the club need to leave to help the staff out.. if they cared they would leave to gather funds for the poor staff at Tottenham

  • As an arsenal fan I agree with this🤣

  • Goalkeepers worst to best: Mendy De Gea Schmeical Alisson Lloris Edersob

  • Leicester ffs 🤣🤣🤣💉💉💉

  • Would love to see the midfield, forward and manager version of these videos

  • It’s odd to think we have the 3rd best defensive record in the league and most goals scored outside of the top 3. Add that to the 13 points dropped in the last 15 minutes of games. We’re a mentality shift away from being where we should be. Right personnel this summer is crucial.
    Breakdown Spurs Goals Conceded: 32

    Open Play = 17 (2nd Lowest in the PL)
    Counter attack = 0 (Lowest in the PL)
    Set Piece = 6 (3 is the Lowest)
    Penalty = 7 (MOST IN THE LEAGUE)
    Own goal = 2
    – L 0-1 Eve
    1) ‘M’ | CB: Dier + Alderweireld | Set Piece: Lateral Freekick conceded by Alderweireld, Calvert Lewin vs Dier + Alderweireld

    – W 2-5 Southampton
    2) ‘GG’ | CB: Dier + Sanchez | Open Play: Danny Ings
    3) ‘RE’ | CB: Dier + Sanchez | VAR penalty: Doherty Handball 90+min…

    – D 1-1 Newcastle United
    4) ‘RE’ | CB: Dier + Sanchez | VAR penalty: Dier Handball 97th min…

    – W 1-6 Manchester United
    5) ‘M’ | CB: Dier + Sanchez | Penalty: Conceded by Sanchez

    – D 3-3 West Ham
    6) ‘M’ | CB: Alderweireld + Sanchez | Set Piece: Lateral Freekick conceded by Sissoko, Fabián Balbuena vs Sissoko
    7) ‘BM’ | CB: Alderweireld + Sanchez | Own goal: Sanchez
    8) ‘GG’ | CB: Alderweireld + Sanchez | Set Piece: Lateral Freekick conceded by Aurier, Miss Cleared by Winks -> Lanzini Rocket

    – Clean Sheet W 0-1 Burnley | CB: Dier + Alderweireld |

    – W 2-1 Brighton
    9) ‘RE’ | CB: Dier + Alderweireld | Open Play: Lamptey, (Hojbjerg VAR no foul call)

    – Clean Sheet W 0-1 West Brom | CB: Dier + Alderweireld |

    – Clean Sheet W 2-0 Manchester City | CB: Dier + Alderweireld |

    – Clean Sheet D 0-0 Chelsea | CB: Dier + Rodon |

    – Clean Sheet W 2-0 Arsenal | CB: Dier + Alderweireld |

    – D 1-1 Crystal Palace
    10) ‘M’ | CB: Dier + Alderweireld | Set Piece: Lateral Freekick conceded by Aurier, Lloris -> Jeffrey Schlupp

    – L 2-1 Liverpool
    11) ‘GG’ | CB: Dier + Alderweireld | Open Play: Salah deflection off Alderweireld
    12) ‘M’ | CB: Dier + Alderweireld | Set Piece: Corner conceded by Aurier, Firmino vs Dier + Alderweireld 90+min…

    – L 2-0 Leicester
    13) ‘BM’ | CB: Dier + Alderweireld | Penalty: Conceded by Aurier 45+min…
    14) ‘M’ | CB: Dier + Alderweireld | Own goal: Alderweireld

    – D 1-1 Wolves
    15) ‘M’ | CB: Davies + Dier + Sanchez | Set Piece: Corner concede by Davies, Saiss vs Davies…

    – Clean Sheet W 3-0 Leeds | CB: Dier + Alderweireld |

    – D 1-1 Fulham
    16) ‘BM’ | CB: Dier + Sanchez | Open Play: Sanchez missed tackle, Ivan Cavaleiro vs Dier

    – W 1-3 Sheffield United
    17) ‘GG’ | CB: Davies + Dier + Rodon | Open Play: No pressure on cross, David McGoldrick vs Davies

    – L 1-3 Liverpool
    18) ‘M’ | CB: Davies + Dier + Rodon | Open Play: Aurier loss Mane, Mane great ball hard for Dier/Lloris to handle, Firmino 45+min…
    19) ‘GG’ | CB: Davies + Dier + Rodon | Open Play: Mane shot parried by Lloris not away to danger, Trent
    20) ‘M’ | CB: Davies + Dier + Rodon | Open Play: Rodon direct error leading to goal, Mane

    – L 1-0 Brighton
    21) ‘GG’ | CB: Rodon + Alderweireld + Sanchez | Open Play: Mac Allister -> Grob -> Troussard…Back line all out of position

    – L 0-1 Chelsea
    22) ‘BM’ | CB: Dier + Alderweireld | Penalty: Conceded by Dier

    – Clean Sheet W 2-0 West Brom | CB: Sanchez + Alderweireld |

    – L 3-0 Manchester City
    23) ‘RE’ | CB: Dier + Sanchez | Penalty: Conceded by Hojbjerg
    24) ‘GG’ | CB: Dier + Sanchez | Open Play: Sterling drives pass Sanchez -> Gundogan 6 yards out
    25) ‘BM’ | CB: Dier + Sanchez | Open Play: Long Ball, Gundogan vs Sanchez…

    – L 2-1 West Ham
    26) ‘M’ | CB: Dier + Sanchez | Open Play: No foul call on Reguilon, Bowen cross to Antonio
    27) ‘BM’ | CB: Dier + Sanchez | Open Play: Lingard runs straight through Dier and Sanchez

    – Clean Sheet W 4-0 Burnley | CB: Sanchez + Alderweireld |

    – Clean Sheet W 1-0 Fulham | CB: Sanchez + Alderweireld |

    – W 4-1 Crystal Palace
    28) ‘GG’ | CB: Sanchez + Alderweireld | Open Play: Good Cross, Benteke Header

    – L 2-1 Arsenal
    29) ‘M’ | CB: Sanchez + Alderweireld | Open Play: Bale zero Pressing, 2v1 Doherty, Tierney Cross, Odegaard deflected shot
    30) ‘RE’ | CB: Sanchez + Alderweireld | Penalty: Conceded by Sanchez

    – Clean Sheet W 0-2 Villa | CB: Rodon + Sanchez |

    – D 2-2 Newcastle United
    31) ‘BM’ | CB: Rodon + Sanchez | Open Play: Tanganga and Sanchez bad clearance Joelinton Gift
    32) ‘BM’ | CB: Rodon + Sanchez | Open Play: Don’t stop cross, fail first header, Sanchez runs into Rodon and leaves Willock Free…85th min

    Big Mistake: ‘BM’ = 8
    Mistake: ‘M’ = 11
    Referee Error: ‘RE’ = 5
    Good Goal: ‘GG’ = 8

  • For lbs I would put chilwell last, every time I watch him play he seems to be so vulnerable defensively, while not being unbelievable going forward.

  • Man City

  • Sanchez was so bad, he bring Dier back in the mix.

  • This video is going to get a lot of dislikes from a lot of Arsenal fans

  • How are you gonna put de gea underneath lloris 🤣🤣

  • 0:32
    Ben: "idk any noticeable absentees there"
    😂😂Ice cold from the man

  • Oooooo Dinamooooo Zagrebbbbb Zagrebbbbb 🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴

  • You already know we’re going to be last, ENIC supposed to be great businessmen, yet we don’t invest enough in our biggest weakness, absolute class from our board.. joke

  • Arsenal rn: 😩😭😭😭😞😞😓😓😓😓🥲

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